China Town

I took my bike for a ride around Chinatown.

I like Chinatown in Vancouver, it’s full of interesting smells and piles of food that I have absolutely no idea about, text I cannot fathom the meaning of and lots and lots of wonderful colours.  Today the pictures will do the talking.

wonky pillar

The characters are so beautifully intricate and I love the paper texture here. I wonder what it says...

fish china town

strange little fishy things

chickens in butcher

The butcher in his shop


So much wonderful type

red text

and so many colours everywhere

hanging fruit

Shops are so full of stuff, and almost all spill out onto the streets to display their goods

China town shop keeper

Everything is displayed in a much more interesting and appealing way than in my local supermarket


obvious, obligatory china in Chinatown image

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