Gastown Prohibition Festival

Whilst out biking the other day I stumbled upon this festival in Gastown.  It was amazing.  Held in and around the Lamplighter to celebrate 85 years of the venue. Concentrated all in one block there was so much going on, music, costumes, dancing.  You could even get a close shave, you know, if you are the type of person who shaves, and aren’t letting it grow in a ridiculous shape for Movember!

So much fun.


There were men breathing fire


and men on stilts


and so many fabulous costumes


This band were amazing


the guy in the front of this picture had the most phenomenal dance moves


they had everyone tapping their feet


The barber had quite a line up (and an audience)


Coke were on hand to provide complimentary refreshments

glass bottles

but kept in the spirit of the day serving it in glass bottles

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