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Welcome to my little pocket of the internet.

I’m Helen. I like blue things and red shoes. The feel of winter sun on my face, wind in my hair and grass between my toes, getting lost in books and whistling down hills on a bike. I have a tendency to travel during the off season and to document my life through pictures.

Two years ago I packed all my books into boxes, quit my amazing job in Edinburgh, and   waved goodbye to my friends and set off west to a new life in Vancouver with my boyfriend. We had nothing planned for our arrival beyond find somewhere to live and a way to pay for it.

It all worked out fine and we had a great time exploring as much as possible from there. We travelled east to experience the extreme heat and humidity of New York City and Montreal in the summer. Went south and down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to witness the bright lights of Las Vegas. Mainly though, we stuck to the west coast, spending time on Vancouver Island, including in a treehouse, and in a tent on Salt Spring Island and witnessed Whistler in the summer, autumn and the winter. We also ventured down the coast to Seattle, Portland, the Redwood National Park and San Francisco.

After two wonderful years in Vancouver it was time to pack up our lives again and we set off on our great Canadian adventure. We travelled over land from Vancouver, north to Prince Rupert and then East to Ottawa before flying back to the UK.

We’re now living in London, revelling in a world of culture and contrasts…

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