Port Eliot Festival

So it’s been a while. I hadn’t actually forgotten about this little space, I’ve just been busy and so only have several aborted attempts at posts to show for the last few months. It’s been pretty exciting though so I have lots of interesting things coming up. First up, Port Eliot Festival.

Port Eliot Festival title over bunting on wide angle wanderings

Taking place in the beautiful grounds of Port Eliot House in St Germans in Cornwall, Port Eliot is a whimiscal festival set in a magical place and absolutely my favourite festival ever. This was our second time and definitely won’t be our last.

Within minutes of arriving on site the real world felt wonderfully far away and a sense of complete calm washed over me.

Port Eliot on Wide angle wanderings

Over the course of three days we listened to some hilarious, inspiring and fascinating speakers – authors, playwrights, poets, musicians, and many others who defy any conventional label. We joined a knitting circle, danced under the stars, read in the sunshine, watched a fabulous sunset and listened to the mud popping in the estuary at twilight.

I love the lack of exclusivity the festival has, everyone is there to experience everything there is to offer, so often you find yourself sitting in the audience beside or behind someone who you were listening to the hour or day before. Yet it never feels remotely crowded and it’s easy to find quiet little spaces to sit and chat or read in when you need a little respite. It’s a place where ideas come to flourish and you can’t help but leave feeling inspired.

And with a giant list of books to read!

These are just a sample of some of the pictures I took, as always there are more here.

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