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Yesterday I bought a bike, it is hands down the best purchase I have made in years. IT. IS. AWESOME.

Vancouver is a great city for cycling, you know, if you don’t mind hills and lunatic drivers!  Lots of streets are clearly marked as having cycle lanes so once you know which these are you’re pretty much set.  I still have some learning to do, still it’s nice to explore even if it does involve some circles!

I’ve obviously noticed the cyclists on Vancouver’s roads as I walked along the pavement beside them, but cycling amongst them this weekend I felt a sense of camaraderie, I feel a bit like I’ve entered a secret world, discovering that the city is much more accessible than it appears from the bus. 20 minutes from my house to main street, is way better than a 45 minute walk or 15 minutes with my nose in someone’s armpit and being battered by a backpack from behind on the 99.

These images are ones that I have taken recently, not of my actual bike – that I will save for another day.

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