London Landmarks

One really chilly day in January when we really needed to get out of our tiny flat before we fell over yet another box we ventured to the Design Museum. The current exhibition was about Conran. It was a really interesting exhibition and it’s always fun to see things you recognise from your parents kitchen in a museum! It was also great for getting interior design inspiration, albeit perhaps rather out of our price and size range.

Coming out of the museum we were stopped in our tracks by the perfect afternoon sunlight glinting off Tower Bridge and the dome of St Paul’s. Despite the plummeting temperatures we took a brisk walk along the bank and across the river in awe of the buildings around us.

Tower Bridge on Wide angle wanderingsSouth Bank London on Wide angle wanderingsThames and Big Ben on wide angle wanderingsHelen and Tower Bridge on wide angle wanderingsTower Bridge and St Pauls on wide angle wanderings

Thanks to Mike for sharing his camera when I forgot to charge my batteries. Oops.

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