Las Vegas and the Neon Museum

The final stop of our trip was Las Vegas. If I’m honest I had no real desire to come here, I don’t gamble, I’m not a big drinker and I fry to a crisp when the sun shines so lying by a pool is also out. However, flying to Las Vegas from Vancouver is cheap. So time in Vegas is the the price we were going to pay to get to go hiking in the Grand Canyon.

I’m sad to say that the city wasn’t really my cup of tea. It was just too much. Too much fake outside inside, too many people, too many flashing lights, portions that were far too large, people that were far too large. I did like the large jacuzzi in my hotel room, although it was a little weird.

There was one thing though that totally made our 30 hours in Vegas worth it and that was the Neon Museum.

Situated on the edge of the city, this small understated museum is a visual feast for the eyes. Currently undergoing renovation work it is a little hard to find but totally with the effort. Visitors are given an hour long tour around the ‘bone yard’ where old neon signs from the city’s past are displayed in a haphazardly organised manner. Significant signs in Las Vegas’ history and interesting visual signs are pointed out by the guides as they tell you about the history of the city: the casinos, the people that ran them, and their signs.

Here are some of my favourites:

Las Vegas Neon Museum. E, shoeLas Vegas Neon Museum. stardust
Las Vegas Neon Museum. Las Vegas Neon Museum.Las Vegas Neon Museum.Las Vegas Neon Museum.Las Vegas Neon Museum. Yellow bulbs and duck

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