Weekend part 2 – Indulgence


beautiful, delicate tea cups

The weekend was just too eventful for one post so here we have the weekend part two.  This part is far more lazy and indulgent.  I went for afternoon tea which was amazing and utterly decadent.  Here tea is a bit posh.  If you ask for tea in a cafe or coffee shop they will always ask you what kind rather than handing you some version of builders brew.  This is great, if like me you like herbal tea, but not, if like Mike you only really like tetley!  Lots of cafes don’t even sell what we would recognize as ‘normal’ tea, although you can buy tetley in supermarkets thank goodness.  Anyway, this little place totally exacerbates the ‘tea is posh’ mentality.  We were brought a desert platter and allowed to pick 3 things to go with our scone and the tea menu went on for pages, there was even one called ‘Queen Helen’.

tea cakes

my cakes

The cafe is called the Secret Garden and it’s in Kerrisdale which fortunately is not too far from my house.  Maybe next time i’ll try Queen Helen.

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