Cranberry Festival

Every year Fort Langley has a festival to celebrate the cranberry harvest. It’s a really fun community event and markedly for me, it is the first annual thing that I have now attended twice in Vancouver. I have had friends here for a whole year!

This year though we made it up to the fort to see the actual harvest of the cranberries. It’s the craziest process, I can’t imagine who came up with it, or indeed how. The fields though look fantastic once they have been flooded and before the berries are harvested. Picture if you will little bubbles of red floating on the surface of a giant puddle. Even the torrential rain couldn’t put a dampener on it, in fact I really like the atmosphere it creates in my photographs.

behind the scenes

behind the scenes


Cowboy boots in a line

cheese stand

I bought delicious cheese from here


Rain couldn't stop us though


My cranberries are going to go perfectly with apples in a crumble

flooded field

Flooded field


an old harvesting machine

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