Walking in Whistler

Don’t you love it when you’re weekend goes from empty to busy and exciting without you even noticing?  I do.  Especially when it is as full of interesting and varied activities as mine has been.

On Saturday we went up to Whistler with friends.  We took the gondola up to the Roundhouse which is not quite the top of the mountain.  From there we walked around the mountain and up to the top.  It was a hike we had tried to do in the early summer as there are supposedly the summer flowers create beautiful meadows, unfortunately when we were there in June it looked like this:

gondolas in summer

Gondolas in June

Well, fortunately the snow has now melted, although we were too late for the summer flowers despite it being hot and sunny in October (I even got sunburnt!)  So no summer flowers for us, just flaming autumnal colours

flaming hillside

flaming hillside

Makes up for missing the summer flowers I think.

The views from the top were phenomenal.  The trees looked like toy skittles that could be knocked over with a small push, (quite something when you come down the mountain and realize how huge they are in reality).

tiny trees

The trees look so tiny from the top

It was really disorientating to be up the mountain in the summer, all the landmarks you are familiar with in the ski season are gone and it’s easy to loose your bearings.  This I realize sounds ridiculous as you would think that it would be harder in the winter when everything is covered in snow.  I guess it just depends what you are used to.

Here are some more pictures from our walk above the clouds.

top of the mountain

This was our view from the top

Sally and Duncan at the top

Sally and Duncan at the top

Looking along the trail

Looking along the trail

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