Bard on the Beach

Bard on the Beach Vancouver

Canadian Geese enjoying the sunshine outside the theatre tents

Each summer Bard on the Beach takes place in Vanier park from June to September. Two groups of actors put on four plays all summer, which must make learning your lines incredibly difficult.

The plays are put on in huge tents erected for the summer, they have raked seating so that even us wee ones can see, and cup holders in all the seats, so that at no point can you forget that you are in North America!

There is no back to the stage, which provides an entrance and an exit for the performers, but also means that the audience can watch people passing along the seawall, and the city turn a wonderful colour as the light reflects off the water and glass buildings at sunset.

This year we went to see The Merchant of Venice which was brilliant, particular mention must go to the actor who played Shylock who had me feeling so sorry for him I wanted to run on stage to try and cheer him up.

Bard on the Beach Vancouver

The view through the back of the theatre.

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