Deep Cove

Deep Cove on Wide angle wanderings

Idyllic Deep Cove is a hidden little corner of Vancouver. About 40 minutes out of town and easily accessible via public transit it is a wonderful summer afternoon retreat.

We fled the city with friends a couple of weeks ago, in search of an adventure. From the village you can hike up and around the headland from where you get the most incredible views of the village and out across the bay. The walk is nice and easy winding around the headland in amongst the trees with occasional glimpses out across the bay. This makes a nice change from so many of the walks in this mountainous region which involve going straight up with no reprieve. Given the heat and my lack of fitness, neither of the latter were remotely desirable and this suited us perfectly.

The day that we visited was hot and wonderfully clear so from the top we could look across the twinkling blue water towards the Pacific, and down on the heads of the people sailing below.

Deep Cove on Wide angle wanderings

Deep Cove on Wide angle wanderingsDeep Cove on Wide angle wanderings

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