Mike’s birthday adventure

As I mentioned here I had planned an adventure for Mike for his birthday this year. I even managed to keep it a secret, which was tough because I was so excited about it that I wanted to share it from the moment I had the initial idea.

So what was it?

Well, I had booked us a weekend staying in a treehouse.

A treehouse, I know. So cool.

And it was.

free spirit spheres

they look like little pods in the sky

Made by Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island these wee tree pods are available to rent so that anyone can experience the complete calm and serenity that is staying in a grove where the only sound is the falling leave (if, like us you visit in autumn) or the sounds of birds singing in the trees.

sphere grove

calm, peaceful and utterly beautiful

It’s a little bit like being in a boat, or a caravan in the air, in that whenever you move the pod moves too and everything has it’s own little compartment. The spheres are really cosy but we never felt in anyway cramped. If you take a look at Mike’s flickr you can see a picture of the inside and as you see it was all very civilized with a table and chairs, we even had a kettle to make tea and hot chocolate.

The calm and relaxing atmosphere of Free Spirit spheres set the tone for our whole weekend, and what with perfectly compliant weather we had a wonderful time wandering on beaches and by lakes.



Courtney beach

brave souls

brave souls, it is October and that is the Pacific


evening on Qualicum beach

endless sand

endless sand on Rathtravor Beach

Qualicum Beach evening

perfect calm

To see more pictures please check out my flickr site.

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