Cheese chasers and biking dare devils

I realise I’m a bit out of date with this post, but term finished and then I went on holiday so it’s better late than never.

Almost two weeks ago now we went up to Whistler for the weekend to attend the annual cheese rolling competition. Mike’s company are responsible for the advertising of the event, which was the brain child of one of his colleagues.

Based on the British event, this is definitely more extreme than I envisage the founding event being. The winner of both the male and female final receives a season pass to Whistler (as well as the wheel of cheese), and it therefore attracts a perhaps more adventurous crowd.

The aim of the game is simple, to chase the cheese down the hill and try and catch it (no one ever does though), really they’re just looking to see who gets to the bottom fastest. For most, this involves beginning with a run and then falling somewhere between a third and half way down the hill. Post fall, competitors either slide, roll or scramble to the bottom, a few make it back onto their feet and continue running. At the bottom their fall is broken either by a rugby player or a bale of hay.

Cheese rolling WhistlerCheese rolling Whistler
Annie in shadow
The cheese rolling competition falls on the same weekend as Crankworx, a massive BMX competition, in which the truly brave and extraordinarily talented, hurtle down the mountain performing a series of tricks and jumps along the way. We were situated by the final jump and my heart leapt into my mouth on a number of occasions as riders looked destined to land on their heads, mercifully none did.

Crankworx Whistler

Crankworx WhistlerWhistlerWe had a great weekend, hanging out with friends, eating cheese and enjoying the fresh air and Whistler vibe.
For more pictures check out my flickr set.

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