Richmond Night Market

Last weekend we finally made it to Richmond Night Market. I had great intentions of making it last year, but summer disappeared before I knew it, as it is wont to do, so this was to be the year. We had initially planned to go a couple of weeks ago and then the heavens opened and again our trip was delayed. I was determined though and last weekend, come hell or highwater, we were going to go. Water it turned out was the theme, as after a beautiful day it started to drizzle just as we arrived, typical.

The market is a bit of a trek from downtown Vancouver, located in the suburb of Richmond, however there is a bus that will take you straight to it from the nearest sky train station. Not that many people seem to use this option though, preferring instead to drive, which made our on foot approach slightly dicey as you constantly had to navigate traffic everywhere. I can only imagine trying to find a parking space being a complete nightmare.

Anyway, the market, that was the point not to complain about the traffic that I wasn’t even part of!

The market is much bigger than the Chinatown market and consequently has loads more delicious food to choose from. It was however, much much busier. The food stands are all quite close together which means sometimes you can get a bit tangled in amongst the queue’s when you are trying to take a look at a stall, but it was a good way for us to keep dry as we went from hiding under one person’s umbrella to the next. There is also a market section which seems to largely sell kitch toys, socks and iphone covers, we took a quick glance and went back to the food.

The food was amazing, and worth the trip out – steamed buns filled with red bean paste, crazy potato spirals, satay beef skewers, spring rolls, I can’t wait for our travels at the end of this year now.

Richmond Night MarketRichmond Night MarketRichmond Night MarketRichmond Night MarketRichmond Night MarketRichmond Night MarketRichmond Night Market

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