The Aquatic Life

At the weekend we finally made it to the Vancouver Aquarium. Situated in Stanley Park it is Canada’s oldest and largest aquarium and it displays a truly stunning variety of wildlife.

I’m never sure what to think of zoos and aquariums believing really that animals would be much happier in their natural habitat, rather than living in a glass tank where people come and stare at them everyday. I was convinced though by someone I work with (who researches marine mammals) who told me all about the great things that the Vancouver Aquarium are doing in terms of research and conservation, and she encouraged me to go. Throughout the shows and talks the staff at the aquarium also emphasise the research work they are doing, and highlight the effect our actions have upon the natural habitat of these creatures. It’s actually a really effective way of making you think about the footprint you are leaving on the world.

One of the highlights for many of the visitors is the dolphin show, and whilst it is incredibly impressive it wasn’t my favourite.

dolphin show at Vancouer Aquarium

Because look at this:

sea otter at the Vancouver aquarium

That’s right, it’s a sea otter and it’s so cute. For further evidence of their cuteness check this out.

We also saw beluga whales, this was a first for me, and I couldn’t get over their incredible colour.

Beluga whale at Vancouver Aquarium

They also have a really playful nature.

beluga whale at Vancouver Aquarium

The array of jellyfish is also quite something. Also lots of their tanks are lit which makes it easier to take good pictures, and they don’t move quite as quickly as a dolphin!

Jellyfish at Vancouver Aquarium

turtle at Vancouver aquariumVancouver aquarium

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