Trees Organic

I can now count off the number of months I have left in Vancouver on one hand. This feels both weird and really exciting. I want to start using this space to record some of my favourite places in Vancouver. Some of them will be typical Vancouver choices, but I also want to focus on the little hidden gems that the city has, places that the visitor will miss and that it is only because I have lived here that I have been lucky enough to experience.

First up, Trees Organic Cafe. Trees is home to Vancouver’s best cheesecake. This is voted for by people, I’m not just making an assertion. Although it’s really good cheesecake.

It’s not actually the cheesecake that I wanted to concentrate on here though. On Friday nights Trees hosts live music, displaying some of the cities best singer, songwriters. Entry is free, with the expectation that you buy something from the cafe, they sell other things beside cheesecake, although I’d recommend the cheesecake! It’s a really pleasant way to wind down at the end of the week. Music starts at 8pm.

Samantha Jane at Trees Cafe, Vancouver, singing and playing guitar. Black and white imageAudience at trees in black and whiteMusician feet at Trees cafe Vancouver. Black and white.

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