High tea, take 2

Apparently around here high tea is like busses, you wait for ages for one and then 2 come along at once. Having recovered from my decadent tea with Anna last weekend I took Mike for high tea at the Fairmont for his birthday.

High tea at the Fairmont is a big deal, when you make a reservation they remind you that there is a dress code! The tea is worth it though. Lots of little sandwiches and cute little cakes and scones. They also keep coming to fill up your tea pot which is awesome. I had a groupon (great Vancouver coupons) which made the affair affordable, but also meant that we got a glass of sparkling wine thrown in aswell.

plate and cutlery

We followed this up with a trip to the cinema to see ‘The Infidel’ which was showing as part of the Vancouver Film Festival. It’s a really funny film addressing interesting questions about religion and nationality, based in London. A very British way to spend Thanksgiving we thought.

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