Labour Day weekend

This weekend was Labour Day weekend. Officially marking the end of the summer and the return to school it falls on the first Monday of September each year. I was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend, which after the ridiculousness of my last few weeks at work was greatly received.
On Saturday Jo and I cycled to Steveston Village on the edge of Richmond to see the quaint village and to eat fish and chips.


We picked blackberries along the way to keep us going


The cycle route is really pretty we cycled past these rushes for ages

fish and chips

Once in Steveston we rewarded ourselves with delicious fish and chips


These kites were in formation, it was very impressive

more kites

I could have watched them for ages


Steveston Harbour is teeming with boats

To get there we took our bikes on the Canada line to Aberdeen Station and cycled along the dyke past the Richmond Oval Olympic site and followed the coast to Steveston.

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