The Great Canadian Adventure begins…

In July, when winter time and moving home seemed like a long long way away, we hatched a plan to take an overland route across Canada, to see as much of the country as possible before our move back to the UK in November. When we hatched this genius plan of ours, we were waiting to get on a train in Montreal. We were admiring the regimented queuing system adopted in stations across North America, waxing lyrical about the joys of train travel, and preparing ourselves for a 3 hour journey to our next destination.

Fast forward a mere three months and here we are. We’ve quit our jobs and packed, shipped or sold all our worldly goods. Over the next month Mike and I will be travelling across Canada (around 8,061 kilometers) by boat, car, bus and train. Here is where we’ll be going:

Canadian trip mapIn the course of 28 days we will:

  • Spend around 93 hours on trains
  • 26 hours on boats
  • sleep in 17 beds, although 2 of these are chairs so I don’t think they count
  • Take 1,000,000 pictures (each!) Estimate.


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