Wet weekend

This week it was like someone flicked a switch and all of a sudden the sun was gone and the rain was falling. I came home one day last week and swapped sandals for slippers and just like that, it’s autumn.

I’m not complaining though, oh no. Autumn, or Fall, around here is so very very pretty. It also means that we’re into our last month in Vancouver and soon we’ll be off on our adventure.

This weekend was very productive, but not very exciting. We spent almost all of Saturday cleaning, see I told you it wasn’t exciting, but our flat looks so lovely now. In fact, the exciting thing that we had planned we scrapped because no-one wanted to go out in the rain. So rubbish I know, but you would have bailed too.


After work drinks at Chill Winston on Friday. There was literally half a cucumber in my drink!

Followed by Bangers and mash at The Irish Heather.
Bangers and mash
Weekend breakfasts are my favourite.
Weekend Breakfast

On Sunday afternoon the sun came out and we made a bid for freedom, to jump in puddles and inhale the crisp, fresh after-the-rain smell.

Wellies reflected


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