Lake Okanagan

We spent Labour Day Weekend in the Okanagan, camping, star-gazing and wine tasting. It was about as idyllic as my life could ever be. The company, the food and the setting were perfect and each day was spent in an equal division of activities and repose.  We ate almost exclusively delicious fruits and vegetables bought from roadside stalls with colourful hand-painted signs that beckoned us from the road.  We visited wineries scattered throughout the region. We swam in lakes.

Before you start to hate me, we were camping on really really hard, stony ground and as it is now September it did get quite chilly at night.


I love camping; there is something quite magical about waking up in a tent. Gradually coming to, listening the sounds of other people’s morning, backed by the constant whir of water tumbling over rocks in the riving running just meters from your head. The bracing feel of washing your face in ice cold glacier run off water alerts all of your senses to the surroundings and makes your face tingle. Listening to birds twitter and seeing trees wave in the wind whilst you brush your teeth beats looking at your reflection in the bathroom any day.

Not to mention, when camping you have the freedom to be a bit dirty until you find a lake to swim in.





Sunset by the river

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