27 things to do before 28

I made New Year’s resolutions this year, I think they lasted a week, maybe. I actually can’t even remember what they all were as the madness of January and February took hold of my brain and anything prior to that apparently dissipated. However, this weekend it was my birthday, and therefore it is now a new year for me, and instead of making another resolution I have little chance of keeping here are some tasks and challenges I have set myself for the coming year. I’m hoping that my love of crossing things off lists will help me achieve at least some of these.

1. Run a 10k
2. Move to London
4. Visit the Grand Canyon and hike without dying due to lack of fitness or a snakebite April 2011
5. Practice French in Montreal July
6. Practice not worrying about stuff
7. Take at least one good picture of a person
8. Get back to Scotland May 2011
9. Spend a day just hanging out with my Mum
10. Go to a Canucks game like a true Vancouverite
11. Run a 5k – probably wise to do this one before attempting 10k!
12. Learn to make a curry
13. Spend a day at the beach June 2011
14. Spend Christmas with my family
15. Go back to Seattle
16. Meet up with Sarah
17. Travel into the BC interior September 2011
18. Learn to focus on the positive
19. Sew something wearable
20. Take a cooking class with Mike, a class we might actually both enjoy
21. Learn to apply make-up, too many more birthdays and I’m really going to need it May
22. Go on a roadtrip Roadtrip Route 66 April 2011
23. Drink more water
24. Play with film photography
25. Take more time for just me
26. Plot more surprises, last year’s were so much fun
27. Read at least 10 classic books

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