Sometimes I make silly decisions and sometimes I make downright stupid decisions and my thought process for January was in the latter category.  Signing up for three courses was ridiculously overly-ambitious, especially when in my job January is the month that makes you want to hide under the desk and not come out until the paperwork is magically taken away.  This level of crazy-busyness and lack of daylight only serves in generating a January funk.

I don’t really have any pictures either, rarely seeing daylight doesn’t necessarily inspire.  I do however have a few pictures here that I took up Cypress mountain a couple of weeks ago.  They were taken on my ipod so are not of particularly good quality.

olympic rings hipstamatic

The Olympic rings, Hipstamatic takes all the credit for the effects on this

One of our reasons for moving to Vancouver was to be able to snowboard.  For me though, this involved learning first!  Last year each day spent on the slopes was a day wracked with fear, by mid-morning my knees and butt were in competition for which body part could complain the loudest and each time one of them experienced another impact my mood took another turn for the worse.  Quite how Mike put up with it I’ll never know.  I’m fairly certain though that my one day lesson probably saved our relationship.

This year I’ve had a revelation.  I have achieved competency on a snowboard, and now it’s so much fun.  I also fall a lot less now which probably helps.  Boarding now has become social, I can travel down the slopes with my friends admiring the beautiful scenery that surrounds me, no longer constantly worrying about how much it will hurt when I fall or concentrating quite so hard on staying upright.


sunset on the mountain is always so beautiful

Now if I only I could get over my fear of getting off the chairlift!

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