A surprise

It’s all been a bit quiet round here recently, this is due in part to the fact that we have yet to be reconnected with the digital world following our flat transplant at the end of November, and partly because I have been off doing something exciting.

I went home to surprise my Mum.

It was amazing, I’ve always wanted to properly surprise someone like that (who hasn’t really?) and this was the perfect opportunity.  The fact that my arrival was slightly overshadowed by a British Gas man and an escaping cat didn’t bother me in the slightest I was so pleased to be there.  9 hours on a plane is mighty long and boring, especially when you are really excited about what will happen after you get off.

The following pictures are from Mum’s birthday party.


There were lots of delicious dishes prepared by friends


and cheese, I really miss cheese

meringue cakes

and lots of cakes, obviously

birthday cake

beautifully decorated by Penny

candle display

This was the table decoration, made by Mum

Thanks must really go to Dad who helped get me home (financially speaking) and to Chris Thompson (logistically).

More pics from home to follow, although you can see some here.

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