My favourite little Nook in the city

Situated on Denman street at the bottom of Robson is an unassuming little restaurant called Nook. It is easy to spot as you approach as there is almost certainly a queue of people waiting outside. Don’t be put off though, it is undoubtably worth the wait.

Serving the freshest Italian food, eating here is always a treat. The menu is small but perfectly formed, serving antipasto, pasta and pizza. Desserts vary and are listed with the specials on the blackboard above the kitchen. The menu alludes to the humour of the place stating at the bottom that ‘all dishes may contain pork, tasty, tasty pork.’

The restaurant is small, seating around 30 people at one time, 10 along the bar and the rest at tables spread out along the wall and in the window. Nook by name and nook by nature, this place maximizes the space available, the kitchen is situated at the back of the restaurant and visible to almost everyone in the room, especially those sitting at the bar directly in front of it.

Now I must confess I love pasta, I would probably happily eat it everyday for weeks and not become bored with it, so I’m always drawn to places like this. Mike though, is a rice man and yet even he is excited by the prospect of a meal here. We have only ever eaten pasta so I cannot judge their pizza, only to say that they look delicious.

Last night we started with the antipasto special to share. Two delicious servings of mozzarella, one Italian, one from the US, served with prosciutto on lovely crunchy little toasts. The mozzarella was beautifully creamy and complimented perfectly by the meat, olive oil and seasoning. We were lucky enough on this occassion to be seated at the bar. I appreciate that most people would probably prefer to sit at a table, but I like to sit at the bar, specifically at the end closest to the door as from here you can watch the antipasto being prepared. Each dish is made to order by the chef-come-sommelier who also converses with the ten or so patrons sat here. It’s one of the many little touches that generates the lovely happy atmosphere that the restaurant possesses.

This time I managed to persuade Mike that he wanted to try a different dish so that I could try his favourite Rigatoni Boscaiola, and I can see now why he orders it every time. He opted for the special of the evening: Fettucini with tomato, chilli and prosciutto which was also delicious. However, my favourite will remain the spaghetti meatballs, I nearly cried on the way home the day I forgot my leftovers.

Unfortunately last night I was just too full to have dessert and it was way too late to consider coffee, next time I will just need to eat less during the day and go before 9pm!

The photos were taken on my little point and shoot so they’re not great, I didn’t want to use a flash either, it’s a classy place.

Nook Vancouver, antipasto being prepared

Preparing the antipasto

Nook Vancouver, antipasto

Our antipasto

Nook Vancouver

Mike attacks his fettucini

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